Memo Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Memo Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co.(Abbreviation: Memo Medical) was established in 2014 in Shanghai, China. The company's headquarter is located in Shanghai Aijian Pioneer Park and its R&D center and production base are located in Wuxi Huishan District. Memo Medical is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of global medical devices.Our products cover a wide range of applications including medical, veterinary and industrial applications, and the product development&manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront of the industry. After years of technical research and development, we now have 20 certifications and IPR(intellectual property rights) and 12 software copyrights. At present, our products are exported to 20+ countries and regions around the world, such as Brazil, India, etc. We have gradually developed into a representative enterprise of vacuum equipment manufacturing in China.


Radiation safety permit

Science and technology radiation safety license

Maimo technology high tech enterprise certificate

Report workstation software

Radiologist imaging system software

Working software of nuclear medicine department

Post processing workstation software

Health examination software system

Stadium guard software

Pharmacy sales information management platform

Medical report workstation software

Medical device management software

Medical imaging software

Remote monitoring software for medical imaging equipment

Integrated service management system

Management system certification

Management system certification - English version


Sales Engineer

Venue: Shanghai       Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Responsible for the promotion of medical equipment in the designated area and reach the completion of various sales targets.

2. Responsible for completing contracts and following up to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Participate in the bidding process, coordinate the work of procurement, sales, logistics and engineering departments.

4. Collect customer demand information and market information, and report to the general manager periodically.


Equipment Engineer

Venue: Shanghai       Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Equipment installation and maintenance.

2. Integrated installation and maintenance.

3. Fault handling

Job Qualifications:

1. Mechatronics, mechanical, medical equipment, after-sales maintenance related majors.

2. College degree or above, medical equipment maintenance major is prior.

3. Have relevant experience on large medical devices, radiology equipment maintenance and familiar with computer & electronic circuit base is prior.

4. More than two years of maintenance experience.

5. Able to adapt to long-term travel.


Software Engineer

Venue: Shanghai       Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Responsible for the design, coding, testing and maintenance of the main console system and subsystems of medical equipment.

2. Responsible for the analysis of product requirements, write detailed design documents.

3. Cooperate with the manager to complete the tasks assigned by the project plan.

4. Analyze and solve the problems found in the product.


Internship for Business /Administration /HR assistant/ Engineer

Venue: Shanghai       Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Assigned to internship in various departments according to their majors

2. Stable personality and strong learning ability.

Company Welfare:

1. Salary composition = no-account base salary + performance bonus.

2. Payment of six insurance and housing fund, the company directly recruited.