Sales Engineer

Venue: Shanghai Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Responsible for the promotion of medical equipment in the designated area and reach the completion of various sales targets.

2. Responsible for completing contracts and following up to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Participate in the bidding process, coordinate the work of procurement, sales, logistics and engineering departments.

4. Collect customer demand information and market information, and report to the general manager periodically.

Job Qualifications:

1. Medical, engineering, medical devices, precision instruments, science and technology and other related majors.

2. Have internship experience in sales position is prior.

3. Excellent communication and execution skills, good customer service awareness, high degree of professionalism.

4. Good in WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and other office software.

5. Accept for business trip.

Equipment Engineer

Venue: Shanghai Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Equipment installation and maintenance.

2. Integrated installation and maintenance.

3. Fault handling

Job Qualifications:

1. Mechatronics, mechanical, medical equipment, after-sales maintenance related majors.

2. College degree or above, medical equipment maintenance major is prior.

3. Have relevant experience on large medical devices, radiology equipment maintenance and familiar with computer & electronic circuit base is prior.

4. More than two years of maintenance experience.

5. Able to adapt to long-term travel.

Software Engineer

Venue: Shanghai Recruitment: 5

Job Requires:

1. Responsible for the design, coding, testing and maintenance of the main console system and subsystems of medical equipment.

2. Responsible for the analysis of product requirements, write detailed design documents.

3. Cooperate with the manager to complete the tasks assigned by the project plan.

4. Analyze and solve the problems found in the product.

Job Qualifications:

1. Master's degree or above in computer science and related majors, more than two years of relevant work experience, fresh graduates with relevant internship experience are also eligible.

2. Proficiency in C language, familiar with related technologies and design patterns.

3. Understanding of modeling tools.

4. Excellent teamwork spirit and professionalism.

Internship for Business /Administration /HR assistant/ Engineer

Venue: Shanghai Recruitment: 5

Job requires:

1. Assigned to internship in various departments according to their majors

2. Stable personality and strong learning ability.

Company Welfare:

1. Salary composition = no-account base salary + performance bonus.

2. Payment of six insurance and housing fund, the company directly recruited.

3. Statutory holidays (as usual) + paid holidays (annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave and other paid leave according to the specific local regulations).

4. Exclusive gifts issued on holidays such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

5. Annual health examination .

6. Commercial insurance: working employees and children can enjoy medical insurance benefits in addition to social insurance.

7. Child care: for employees with children reduce attendance on Children's Day and other holidays belonging to children.

8. Settlement of residence for foreign students/technology talents in Shanghai: the company provides help for settlement channels and pay part of the service fee for returning foreign students/technology and innovation talents.

9. Fair, open and impartial promotion mechanism and platform, adhering to the promotion concept of endogenous training.

10. Comprehensive training system, warm holiday care, various holiday parties and birthday parties.